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MOVE4FREENOW.COM is owned and operated by Acuity Real Estate Services, LLC, a licensed real estate brokerage based in Tampa, FL.

Acuity Real Estate Services, LLC is not a moving company. We are apartment locators, when you decide to hire a moving company please be sure that they are licensed and insured and that they are a reputable business. We are not responsible for the actions of moving companies that we work with. They are entirely separate entities from us.

By submitting this form you agree to all the terms, conditions, guidelines, procedures, rules and regulations that are contained herein.

In addition, by registering with, you consent to phone calls and email messages from and or Acuity Real Estate Services, LLC. If you opt into a business transaction with 3rd party vendors of, you also agree to be contacted by phone and email by the respective vendor. is a Free Apartment Locating Service. The web site is designed to assist you in locating an apartment that suits your needs. We represent hundreds of apartment communities in Florida and make their information available to you on this web site.

The FREE move offer is not always all inclusive and extra fees may apply to your specific move scenario. Contact the moving company of your choice to determine the fees that you will be responsible for. There is an incentive limit of $200 per apartment unit. The average price range we show on the website is provided by the mover, we are not responsible for discrepancies.

You must learn about your new apartment from to qualify for the $200 move credit. If you already know where you want to live or have prior knowledge of a property you choose to move into before registering with you will not qualify for the free move.

Apartment Communities are responsible for updating their pricing, specials and policies; however, the information you see may be outdated, please contact the community leasing office directly for the most current information. will not be held liable for any inaccuracies and by completing this form you agree to hold and or Acuity Real Estate Services, LLC harmless for any discrepancies.

IMPORTANT: You must notify each property that, and only, is your apartment locating service/referral source (not doing so will make you ineligible for the $200 move credit). When the property staff completes the guest card you must make sure they list as your locating service.

Once you visit each property and submit an application to the property of your choice, you must list as your apartment locating service in the referral section of the application.

Once your application is approved by the apartment community, return to and report your lease. Enter all requested information and submit your request. Once your move request is received by your move in details will be verified with the community and we will deliver your move credit as instructed. will fax and contact the property after receiving your move request and verify is listed on the guest card, lease application and lease contract. must receive confirmation in writing from your new apartment community that you listed, and only, as your referral source.

The agreement between and the Apartment Communities we represent can be terminated at any time without notice. will honor the Free Move offer if, and only if, you have a scheduled move date to that particular Apartment community before the date the property is removed from our network and the apartment community acknowledges will receive all benefits of referring the client to that property. If will not receive compensation then the $200 move credit is automatically denied. Apartment Communities are responsible for letting discontinue business with; cannot be held liable for the $200 incentive if a community fails to notify us when they change their policies.

I understand that there are certain situations that arise that may prevent me from receiving a free move. Here are a few examples: If I visit a property prior to registering with; if I fail to write on the guest card, lease application and lease contract; if I currently live in an apartment community and transfer to another unit on the same property; if I am moving to a property affiliated with my current (or past) community where I live; if I have a roommate moving to the same unit in an apartment community (only one move is considered free-reasonable fees apply to roommate situations); did not receive confirmation in writing that you listed on the Guest Card, Lease Application and Lease Contract.

If the referral fee from the property falls below’s minimum requirement we reserve the right to offer a reduced cash voucher in lieu of the free move. Cash vouchers are normally $200.00 in the form of a company check; however, reduced cash vouchers can be any amount below $200.00. Cash Vouchers are paid after receives payment from your Apartment Community for your referral. They are mailed out at the end of the month via USPS, so if we receive payment on the 15th of the month, expect the check to be mailed at the end of the month. reserves the right to change the conditions, policies, terms, website, etc., without notice.